Gas Concentration Monitor, IR-150


HORIBA has used its gas analysis technology and cleaning process experience to develop a new gas concentration monitor. HORIBA  has honed its knowledge over many years through the development and production of chemical solution concentration monitors such as those used for SC-1 and SC-2 monitors, mass flow controllers, and a variety of fluid supply systems. The gas concentration monitor completes HORIBA's process control lineup, making it possible for the company to offer total process solutions that meet all our customers needs.


  • Inline installation for real-time measurement.
  • Compact space-saving design allowing for easy integration.
  • Suitable for monitoring concentration in a variety of cleaning equipment, and drying processes.

Manufactured by HORIBA


Type of gas measured

Please consult HORIBA

Measurement principle

Non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR method)

Measurement range*1

0 to 5%


±2% F. S.

Gas cell optical path length

5 mm

Response time

T90: 7 seconds or less

Gas cell pressure resistance

1.0 MPa (G)

Sample gas flow rate*2

1 L/min

Sample gas temperature*2

Room temperature

Sample gas pressure*2

Atmospheric pressure

Wetted materials

SUS316L, sapphire, Ag

Leak rate

5 x 10-12 Pa·m3/s

Piping junction

1/4 inch VCR male

Analog output

DC 4 to 20 mA

Contact output

3 alarm channels,

including ERR, High, and Low alarms

Contact input

1 channel for use in zero calibration


0.000 to 5.000%

Power supply

DC 24 V, 30 W (max.)

Installation environment temperature

20 to 25°C

External dimensions

Sensor unit

153.5 x 37.5 x 107 mm (6.0 x 1.5 x 4.2 in.)

(W x D x H)

Control unit

96 x 130 x 48 mm (3.8 x 5.1 x 1.9 in.)


Sensor unit

About 1.0 kg, 2.2 lb

Control unit

About 0.5 kg, 1.1 lb