Mass Flow Checker MFT-20


The MFT-20 can check whether the MFC is operating normally by driving and controlling the MFC while monitoring the input and output voltages. In this manner, trouble in the MFC or power supply can quickly be examined before the MFC is removed from the MFC system piping. The MFC can also be controlled by the built-in potentiometer in the main body.


  • Simplifies the checking procedure (no need to remove the piping)
  • No need for a power supply (operates on power from the existing signal cable)
  • Capable of fully opening and closing the valve
  • Automatic zero function available (only for SECs equipped with an automatic zero function)

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC



DC 20 V full scale/LCD display

Internal standard voltage

+5 VDC

Power source voltage

+7 to +30 VDC (normally used with +15 V mass flow controllers)

Power drain

6 mA or lower, in the voltage range shown above


400 g

Operating temperature

0 to 50°C