ABX Micros ES 60

Automated 3 part differential hematology analyzer ABX Micros ES60 presentation

Hematology Analyzer

The Gold Standard : Perfect combination of intuitive use and innovative technologies

  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Micro-sampling on whole blood: 10μL
  • Precise cellular identification through electronic impedance variation method
  • Haemoglobin measurement with photometry


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Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS
Base product: Micros Range
  • Integrated barcode reader (samples, QC and reagents) and thermal printer (full data printout and graphs)
  • User-friendly interface (color touch screen, virtual keyboard)
  • Complete Quality Control Program (3 QC levels import in one time, Levey-Jennings, XB, overlapping)
  • Embedded Data Management: Data transfer with USB key to archive or download data, high results capacity, customized reports.
  • Compatible with innovative reagent pack or bottle systems


Weight:(OT) 30.9 lbs / 16 k, (CT) 35.7 lbs / 17 kg
Power supply:100 V to 240 V - 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Dimensions (HWD):

(in) 16.9 x 14.2 x 14.2 / (cm) 43 x 36 x 36

Printer:Built-in thermal printer


Throughput50 tests/hour (CT) - 60 tests/hour (OT)
Data Management:



Complete QC menu, logs (reagents, calibration, maintenance, errors, blank cycle), easy data transfer (USB), Transmission of patient & QC results to LAN (local area network), Mono-directional connection, All-in-one QC import, overlapping


Memory:1000 patients results with histograms
Screen:LCD colour touch screen (8.4\'\')



Parameters (19)WBC, RBC, RDW CV, HGB,  MPV, HCT, MCV, PLT, MCH, MCHC, LYM# & LYM%, MON# & MON%, GRA# & GRA%, PDW*, PCT*, RDW SD*.       
Graphics:PLT, RBC, WBC curves

Blood volume:

CBC + 3DIFF mode: 10 μL

Stability:48 hours post-draw stability(at refrigerated temperature)
Operating sample mode:

Open tube or Closed Tube

Identification:Alphanumeric, Integrated barcode reader

 * RUO (Research Use Only)



ParametersPresicion (cv %)Linearity
WBC< 2.5 (at 4 - 10.0 x 103/μL)0 - 100 x 10³/µL
RBC< 2.0 (at 4-7 x 106/μL)0 -8 x 106/µL
HGB< 1.5 (at 12-18 g/dL)0 - 26 x g/dL
HCT< 2.0 (at 36-54 %)0 - 80%
PLT (whole blood)< 5.0 (at 200-500 x103/μL)

0 - 2200 x 10³/µL (whole blood)

0 - 4000 x 10³/µL (PLT concentrate)



Blood Controls & Calibrators

Blood Controls





ABX Minotrol 16 - 2L

2 x 2.5 mL vial


ABX Minotrol 16 - 2N

2 x 2.5 mL vial


ABX Minotrol 16 - 2H

2 x 2.5 mL vial






ABX Minocal

2 mL vial

N: normal level, H: high level, L: low level
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