DynaMyc - Fluorescence Lifetime Mapping Microscope


Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy is the ultimate tool to study dynamic events in cellular structures and nanomaterials. Unlike conventional intensity based fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence lifetime is an intrinsic property of a fluorophore, and therefore its measurement is not affected by non-uniform loading, photobleaching, excitation light instability, and light scattering. More importantly, time-resolved measurements can provide essential dynamic information about a fluorophore’s microenvironment and its interaction with other molecules. HORIBA Scientific, the leader in fluorescence spectroscopy, offers the DynaMyc™, a filter-based, fully automated confocal microscope system to measure fluorescence lifetime and intensity in micro scales.

The DynaMyc features time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) for sensitive and rapid acquisition of luminescence lifetimes from 100 ps to 100 μs. It is composed of a compact optical module with all the optical components and an Olympus BX 51 microscope. Its mapping capabilities include an automated X,Y,Z fast scanning stage, which combined with its confocal ability, can generate fluorescence lifetime mapping with micron level spatial resolution.

The DynaMyc is a flexible research tool that combines a large range of picosecond pulsed laser diode sources spanning wavelengths from 370 to 980 nm and repetition rates from CW to 100 MHz, multiple filter configurations and various detector options to suit your specific measurement needs. An optional high dynamic range, low noise, cooled camera and a high intensity fluorescence illuminator can also be configured with the DynaMyc enabling widefield fluorescence imaging.

The DynaMyc is fully-automated and controlled from the intuitive user interface of our DataStation software. Full reconvolution analysis can be performed to generate maps of the fit parameters such as lifetimes, relative amplitudes, average lifetime, and fluorescence intensity. For example, it is ideal an instrument study protein dynamics such as binding or disassociation using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).


  • Single photon counting (TCSPC) for lifteimes from 100 ps to 10 μs
  • Fully-automated compact optical lifetime module for automated switching filters, dichroic filters and pinholes
  • Fiber coupling for various laser diodes (370 – 980 nm)
  • Confocal head unit with automated pinholes (100-1000 μm)
  • New laser diode (DeltaDiode™) with high repetition rate lasers (up to 100MHZ), operated as CW or pulsed mode
  • Intuitive data acquisition and analysis software
  • FRET software routine for transfer efficiency and molecular distance
  • Optional cooled fluorescence camera for wide field fluorescence imaging

製造会社: HORIBA Scientific



Confocal pinholes

Based on upright Olympus BX51 microscope
Plan achromat x10 and x60, other magnifications available.
5 position turret.
4 diameters, from 100 μm to 1000 μm, motorized, computer controlled

Fluorescence camera

2 Mpix, 8 bits
1.4 Mpix 12 bit cooled, optional

Excitation sources
Repetition rate
Wavelength range

Fiber-coupled pulsed laser sources

10 kHz to 100 MHz, with DeltaDiode™ sources
From 370 nm to 980 nm.

Motorized stage
Travel range
Manual control
Automatic control

0.5 µm
75 x 50 mm
With joystick
Through DataStation software

TCSPC electronics
Lifetime range

Single-photon counting detection

100 ps to 10 µs

Spectral range
Dark count

Picosecond photon detection module
185-650 nm / 300-850 nm
< 80cps

Excitation filters
Dichrioc filters

Emission filters

ND filters

10 nm BP filters, prealigned
6 positions
Motorized, computer-controlled
6 positions: 40 nm BP filters
Motorized, computer-controlled
6 positions: 0, 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2 and 3 OD
Motorized, computer-controlled

Data acquisition
Data analysis
Operating system
FRET software

DataStation software
DAS6 software, inc. optional reconvolution
Windows XP / Windows Vista
Displaying transfer efficiency and molecular distance


140 cm x 90 cm x 80 cm






フリーダイヤル 0120-37-6045


顕微蛍光寿命用光源(高速パルス光源) DeltaDiode