Safeguarding our international contracts by ensuring the health of our employees.

HORIBA Medical is further strengthening its protection measures against CORONAVIRUS to maintain its commitments to customers around the World. Together, we are going to halt and overcome this epidemic and, in particular, by applying strict and effective health and safety measures.

Thus, on April 21, General Management decided, as a preventive measure, to deploy a Covid-19 screening program by PCR tests (naso-pharangeal swab) for all employees on site. This rigorously supervised program has diagnosed all employees present and, by the same token, has allowed us to structure the global human resources in order to continue our industrial activities under the safest conditions.

Of course, we are following a complete system of preventive measures ranging from taking the temperature of personnel at the entrance to the site to applying barrier measures such as wearing a mask, gloves and above all, respecting safety distances. Thanks to these approaches, we are able to fulfill our obligations towards laboratories by prioritizing the delivery of our blood analyzers on 5 continents. Production of instruments & reagents can thereby be continued without interruption and the international support departments too.

HORIBA Medical France Team