17 April 2012

HORIBA Instruments Brazil officially begins the construction of the new company's factory in Jundiai, São Paulo, this year. The official announcement took place on February 28th with a groundbreaking ceremony marking the construction of a large enterprise.

Besides the president of HORIBA Brazil, Hamilton Ibanes, the event was attended by top executives of U.S. subsidiary, among them Dr. Jai Hakhu, president of Americas, Dr. Michel Mariton, leader of HORIBA Scientific segment, and Peter DeBarber, co-world leader for  the Process and Environmental segment. The Secretary for Economic Development of Jundiaí, Ari Castro Nunes Filho, and other executives of HORIBA Brazil were also present.

The new headquarter will have capacity to increase the production of reagents by 50%, equivalent to three million liters. Currently HORIBA Brazil produces around two million liters. The investment in this new factory will be around US$ 8,3 million.

This new headquarter will involve three of the five HORIBA segments: HORIBA Medical, which leads Hematology in Brazil, HORIBA Scientific, world's leader in spectroscopy, and  HORIBA Process and Environmental, new to Brazil. Automotive and Semiconductor segments have operations in Brazil through partners. The factory will occupy an area of ​​10,000 m2.

3rd  ONE COMPANY Meeting

During the North American staff visit, HORIBA Instruments Brazil held the 3rd One Company meeting, a program defining the guidelines of the company for the year 2012. The meeting had participation from Brazilian sales team and distributors of Latin America.

In the first day, presentations by the North-American team showed the new company structure in the world. Dr. Jai Hakhu announced the Brazilian headquarter will report all activities to the United States going forward. The company's president in Brazil, Hamilton Ibanes, revealed company plans to make Brazil the center of operations in South America.

After presenting the new design of the company, the chairmen of the Scientific and Environmental segments, Michel Mariton and Peter DeBarber, respectively, explained their segment plans along with some current product highlights. 

Ana Carrieres, sales manager for HORIBA Medical - domestic market, presented to employees and distributors some sales strategies and new products of hematology, hemostasis and biochemistry, that will be released in the first half of 2012.

Rosimeirre Biserra has coordinated the meeting with all Latin America medical distributors in order to evaluate 2011 performance as well as confirm 2012 targets.

The P&E segment was officially launched in the region with the presence of the recently hired Regional Sales Manager. We had the opportunity to show to South America representative’s new products and HORIBA targets.

All Horibarians have had the opportunity to met Dr. Jai Hakhu during a very open conversation about the future of the region.

The event has also promoted great synergy among segments.