Gas Monitor / Vacuum Monitor

HORIBA has various types of gas monitors, vacuum monitors and analysers for use with residual gas analyzation.

We offer the ultra-compact Gas Monitor which has nine quadrupoles in arrays for residual gas analysing. These are optimal for process control or analysis in a vacuum chamber.

We also have the Capacitance Manometer which is compact, all metal and has a self-temperature adjustment function as well as a capacitance diaphragm gagen.

Our Vapor Concentration Monitor (IR-300) is reliable, high performing and non-dispersive infrered Absorptiometry (NDIR).

Compact Process Gas Monitor

Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System

Compact process gas monitor using quadrupole mass spectrometer. Monitors trace gases, responds quickly to process shift . Easy to install and maintain.

Capacitance Manometer

Gas Concentration Monitor

Vapor Concentration Monitor IR-300

In-line compact vapor concentration monitor, enables MOCVD precursor delivery to be stable.


Monitors SiF4 gas concentration in real time, and identifies the cleaning end-point based on SiF4 gas concentrations.