What's so special about HORIBA?

HORIBA is a long established and reliable provider of high end analytical and control solutions. Our products, expertise and support will allow our customers throughout the globe to improve their processes, increase their yield and reduce downtime. Find out more below.

Global Market Share > 50%

One of HORIBA Semiconductor’s main product lines is our wide range of gas mass flow controllers. These are key devices that control gas in various manufacturing processes. As well as mass flow controllers HORIBA also specializes in chemical concentration monitors. These devices monitor the concentration of various chemicals in the semiconductor manufacturing process to increase yield, reduce chemical waste and improve product quality.

HORIBA’s gas mass flow controllers and chemical concentration monitors have a leading global market share of more than 50% in the semiconductor market (*1). This is largely due to the strength of our control and measurement technologies that enable yield enhancement and further advancement of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

*1 In-company research, 2015.

Leading Technology

HORIBA Semiconductor has four core Research and Development facilities.

In Kyoto, Japan there are two centers; the “HORIBA STEC Fukuchiyama Technology Center” where control equipment for next-generation high-tech materials is developed and the “HORIBA Advanced Technology Center” developing the next generation of sensors.

In the USA there are also two centers: the “ HORIBA Technology Center” is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the center for the world’s most advanced technology. The second core R&D facility is based in Reno, Nevada specialising in the development of primary flow standards.

These facilities support our research and development through-out the world to maintain our leading position through continuously offering cutting edge solutions to meet our customers’ technical needs now and into the future.

HORIBA Advanced Technology Centre

HORIBA STEC Kyoto Fukuchiyama Center

HORIBA Advanced Technology Center

HORIBA STEC Kyoto Fukuchiyama Center

Made in Japan

The Japanese are renowned for their product quality and reliability. Japan’s impressive manufacturing performance can be linked to cultural and historical factors. There are distinguishing characteristics associated with Japanese manufacturing including an emphasis on designing processes to optimise efficiency and a strong commitment to quality.

Almost all of HORIBA Semiconductor related products are produced in HORIBA’s Japanese factories ensuring products are built to the highest quality and have a long product life-time. You will find HORIBA products continue to run in the field for many years after others have failed.

Aso factory

ASO Factory

Global Support Network

HORIBA has many branches worldwide offering support to our customers when and wherever they need it. Most of HORIBA’s support centers have clean rooms, which is something HORIBA is proud of. With our global network HORIBA is able to offer a fast and tailored aftercare service for all our customers whenever they need it and in an appropriate environment. Take a look at our Global Support Network pages to see where our support centers are.