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Chase the Case #19 - Sickle Cell Anemia

March 2023 
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Patient Demography

Male aged 32


Sickle cell anemia

Other Information:

Bilirubin 7.7, INR 1.73, TTPa 1.33 RATIO. The presence of abnormal levels or immature neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes in sickle cell anemia is an immune response of the body to the disease, which may be related to frequent infections and a compromised immune system.

Microscopic Review:

Neutrophils 85, Lymphocytes 10, Monocytes 2, Erythroblasts 74, Band cells 3, Anisocytosis +++, Dacrocytes, Elliptocytes, Sickle cell, Polychromasia, Howell –Jolly, Target cell.

How Yumizen Can Assist:

The RDW CV and SD results make a detailed observation of the red blood cell abnormality.

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Chase the Case

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