Ochratoxin analysis Immunoaffinity column for pre-treatment

High organic solvent resistance, making pretreatment and analysis more efficient

  • Ochratoxin can be cleaned up with only a small amount of extract solution.
  • Pretreatment time can be greatly shortened, and analysis efficiency is improved.
  • Ochratoxin A, B can be cleaned up.
  • Purified water can be used in addition to ammonium acetate solution for column washing.
Segment: Medical
Division: NIVD
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.

OCHRAKING streamlines sample clean-up

It is highly tolerant to organic solvents and can be cleaned up quickly with only a small sample solution.

  • Additive recovery test / wheat
    When measuring ochratoxins in wheat, after extracting with 60% acetonitrile, you can
    clean-up Ochratoxins A and B simply by diluting to 30% with PBS. In the case of measuring only Ochratoxin A, it can be used up to 48% acetonitrile concentration.
  • Additive recovery test / red wine
    Dilution of sample

Product nameOCHRAKING
ApplicationClean-up column for ochratoxin analysis in food
Recovery rateIn the condition of 50% methanol containing 5 ng each of ochratoxin A and B, the recovery rate for each of Ochratoxins A and B is 80% or more when 10 mL of the solution was added to this column.
Effective period12 months after production at 2-8 °C


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