Ozone Transferstandard

The calibration unit OZGU-370SE is designed for the dynamic and continual manufacture of zero and span gas to perform all ongoing quality control procedures according EN 14625. Transferstandard OZGU-370SE is based on well proven Analyzer APOA-370 with integrated span gas generation unit (ASGU-370 Electronic). This Span gas unit is able to provide ozone gas to an 2nd Ozone monitor. The actual concentration is measured by the type approved measurement cell of the transfer standard. The measured concentration is used as set point for the 2nd Ozone analyzer (measurement unit to be calibrated).


Division: Ambient
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.
Base product: APOA-370
  • Multipoint calibration acc. EN 14625
  • Comfortable operation via 2 big illuminated Touch-Screen-Displays or remote software enables easy external handling
  • High flexibility through 20 free selectable span points
  • High flexibility through free definable cycles (e.g. Lack of fit)
  • High flexibility through free definable sequences (stringing cycles together) 
  • Programmable timer allows time delayed start of calibration process
  • Internal data logger (option) stores raw values from calibration procedure (set value and actual value, status) for reporting with included evaluation software



Technical Specification (Analyzer)

Refer to APOA-370, Ozone Analyzer

Technical Specification (Span Gas Generator Unit)


UV irradiation


Quality control in Station
Quality control in Laboratory
Preparing Zero and Span gas for O3 multi point calibration

Ozone generation by UV Irradiation

Intensity controlled mercury lamp in a oven with a heater and Pt 100 sensor (Temperature: 70C°)
Indication of actual temperature on display

Zero Air Supply

External cartridge (mounted on unit)

Selectable span gas concentrations 

20  (Option: controlled ozone set values)

Selectable cycles


Programmables sequence


Programmable timer


Evaluation software





TFT touch screen displays with simultaneous indication of information, relevant for calibration


Manual (Touch Screen Display)
External via RS232 (Gesitec Protocol)
External via Ethernet (Remote Software)

Power230VAC, 50Hz 
Dimension430mm(W), 550mm(D), 221mm(H)



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