End-of-Line Battery Testing

Evaluator EOL: End-of-Line Battery Testing Systems

Addressing the advanced needs of modern battery production processes, HORIBA offers the Evaluator End-of-Line (EOL) system series. This series caters to a wide spectrum of applications, from prototype or low-volume production lines to fully automated giga factories.

The Evaluator series focuses not only on test equipment, but on the complete station design includingsafety, test item adaptation, housing, data handling, and seamless communication with other systems. The cost-effective design can include conveyer belts with semi-automated or fully automated product-specific battery bonding. Optional industrial PC or operator panel integration enhances usability, while streamlined production software simplifies procedure management, ensuring seamless start and stop functionalities.

Additionally, the EOL system facilitates automated display of pass/fail criteria and read/write access to customer production databases. With fail-safe PLC control mechanisms, the system ensures safety without compromising performance.

HORIBA End-of-Line Battery Testing Stations:

  • Battery Low Voltage (LV) Testing
  • Battery Cooling Leakage Testing
  • Battery Housing Leakage Testing
  • Battery High Voltage (HV) Testing with Charge-Discharge Unit
  • Battery Management Unit (BMU) Flashing Station

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  • Supply of the complete battery test station
  • Full integration in production automation
  • Worker-oriented operator guidance via touch screen operator panel
  • DMC scan including connection to production database
  • Manual or fully automated adaption of the battery
  • Pressure, leak and performance tests
  • BMS flashing and testing
  • EOL low voltage and high voltage tests

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High-Voltage Battery Testing
with X-HVT Charge-Discharge Unit

High-Voltage (HV) Battery Testing scheme:

  1. Electrical cabinets with PLC
    Power supply cabinet / control cabinet with PLC; Interface and control unit of all test equipment including DC supply
  2. Electrical cabinets
    Control cabinet, High-voltage (HV) cabinet, main contactor
  3. DC supply
    X-HVT charge and discharge unit

The X-HVT charge-discharge units provide excellent accuracy at high-system dynamics. A single unit covers voltages up to 1,500 V, currents up to 1,500 A, and outputs up to 1,000 kW. Parallel alignment enables higher currents and power.

Fully programmable control circuits (CC, CV, CP) allow optimal adaption to the inspection needs, including map control. The system’s advanced technology enables optimized energy recovery. For multi-channel configurations, the energy can be distributed in an intermediate circuit, thus reducing power input required.

Especially with End-of-Line (EOL) applications and test fields, this property displays as particularly advantageous. An integrated sequencer (program memory) allows the generation of highly dynamic loading cycles and user-specific tests. The optional integrated impedance measurement (CCMod) is an indispensable tool for the continuous investigation of electrochemical phenomena and efficient diagnostic strategies.

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  • Advanced technology with extremely low noise design and integrated impedance measurement
  • Outstanding security features for fulfillment of performance level “d”
  • Programmable control loop architecture to accommodate different test tasks
  • Data acquisition with highest accuracy and reproducibility
  • Optimal battery and/or e‑motor emulation

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Facts and Specifications: Evaluator EOL

End-of-Line Battery Testing Systems

Safety Cabin

  • Door monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Exhaust air monitoring
  • Extinguishing device


  • Manual
  • Fully automated

Test Item Transportation

  • Heavy weight trolley
  • Implementation of EOL test station into product line


  • Cooling water and draining station

Safety Features

  • Fail safe PLC control
  • PLC controlled 3-level alarming system

Input Parameter Test

  • Customized (temperature and cell voltage control, BMS communication test, etc.)

BMS Test

  • Plausibility test of sent values
  • Reading out the error status
  • State change of the battery
  • Function test of the HV contactors
  • Interlock test
  • Behavior in case of crash

Open Circuit Voltage

  • Comparison of BMS data and measured voltage
  • Calculation of SOC

Insulation Test

  • Internal insulation resistance test
  • Insulation resistance measurement

Performance Test

  • Capacity test
  • Pulse power test
  • Adjusting the SOC

Dielectric Strength

  • Voltage proof
  • Up to several kV

Energy Recovery

  • ≥95%


  • Up to 1000 kW


  • Up to ±4000 A / 1500 V


  • ±0.03% MV, ±0.015% FS

Data Logging

  • SQL database
  • Backup server
  • Connection to production database


  • DMC scanner for identification of test items 

CAN Gateway

  • BMS communication
  • Writing and reading of dbc files
  • Implementation of external devices


  • Profinet
  • File based (.csv, .xml, .pdf, .mdf, etc.)

Cooler Leakage and Blockage

  • Flow volume at excess pressure (approx. 15 bar)


  • Flow volume at light low atmospheric or excess pressure

Operator Panel

  • Worker oriented
  • One-button operation

Client PC

  • Experts level
  • Diagnosis and supervision

Facts and Specifications: X-HVT

Charge-Discharge Unit for High Voltage Emulation

Power Rating

  • 60 kW, 160 kW, 250 kW, 300 kW, 600 kW, 900 kW 1000 kW
  • further types on request

Overall Efficiency at Power Rating

  • ≥95%


  • ≤70 dB (A) at 1 m (160 kW, 600 A)

Operating Modes


Voltage Range

  • 800 V, 1000 V, 1200 V, 1500 V
  • further types on request

Current Range

  • ±600 A, 800 A, ±1000 A, ±1200 A, 1400 A, 2000 A
  • further types on request

Measurement Accuracy

  • ±0.03% MV, ±0.015% FS


  • 16 bit

Sampling Rate

  • 10 µs (100 kHz)

Storage Rate

  • 3.0 ms

Cycle Time

  • 3 ms

Standard Models

  • VOCV + R1 + R2 || C1
  • VOCV + R1 + R2 || C1 + R3 || C2
  • VOCV + R1 + R2 || C1 + R3 || C2 || R4


  • Voltage
  • SOC


  • Rated capacity
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Technology (SOC curve)
  • Internal resistance
  • Dynamic (resistance and capacity)
  • Temperature (optional)

Frequency Range

  • 0.1 mHz to 10 kHz (optional up to 50 kHz)

Impedance Range

  • 5 µΩ up to 100 Ω

Impedance Accuracy

  • ±1%, ±100 µΩ

Phase Angle Accuracy

  • ±1 °

Max. Modulation Current

  • ±10 AAC


  • <0.1% eff. FS

Risk Assessment

  • <3 ms

Safety Controllers

  • Emergency stop (two channels)
  • DC-Stop (two channels)
  • DC-On (two channels)
  • Signal of ISO-controller

ISO Controller

  • Insulation resistance HV Plus and HV Minus
  • Analog processing of insulation resistance
  • Safe disconnection of DC contactors

Safety Version according to ISO 13849 / EN 60204-1

  • Galvanically isolated IGBT half bridges

Verification of the functional safety (audit trail) incl. creation of validation certificate ISO 13849

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