Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Platform

The InverTau™ platform is a laser scanning confocal unit for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM). InverTau is fully software controlled and designed to fit on the side port of an inverted fluorescence microscope. Build your own microscope system around the InverTau platform, or buy a complete system from HORIBA. Versatile solutions are always available with local support.


Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific
  • Affordable laser scanning unit for FLIM studies
  • Fully computer-controlled confocal optics with the intuitive EzTime Image Software minimizes set up time and increases productivity
  • Simply switch from confocal laser scanning to widefield imaging with the addition of FLIMera
  • Real time video display up to 6 fps with InverTau and up to 30 fps with addition of FLIMera
  • Add InverTau to the side port of an inverted microscope or buy a complete solution from HORIBA
  • Intuitive software and automated optics minimize setup time and increase productivity


What’s Included

  • InverTau confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging platform
  • FLIMera widefield video rate FLIM camera for real time visualization and lifetime kinetics
  • Computer, electronics and EzTime Image software
  • Nikon Ti2-U manual inverted fluorescence microscope
  • HPPD-720 TCSPC detector (additional models available)
  • DeltaDiode-C1 controller, CND and fiber coupler for HORIBA DeltaDiode TCSPC sources (optional)
  • HORIBA DeltaDiode lasers from 375 to 595 nm (optional) are perfectly matched for use with this system


EzTime Image Software

EzTime Image software is designed for use with the HORIBA InverTau, Flimera and stage scanning systems. It is an intuitive, automated, touchscreen designed software for TCSPC and MCS control, acquisition and analysis.

It is a complete application that handles the following:

  • Instrument recognition and control
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis

InverTau Specifications

ModesSingle point, raster, bi-directional (xy)
Scan speedUp to 6 fps (bi-directional) at 512x512
Image resolution32x32 to 4k x 4k
Digital zoom1FoV to 0.1FoV
AttachmentTo side port of inverted microscope (C-mount)
Control softwareEzTime™ Image software
Optical ports2 on excitation, 2 on emission
Attenuation filtersSteps from 0-6 OD ND
Dichroic filters400 nm, 450 nm, 500 nm, 550 nm, 600 nm, 730 SP, 50/50 BS
Emission filters400BP, 450BP, 500BP, 550BP, 600BP, 440LP, 475LP, 530LP, 570LP, 630LP
Pinhole10, 25, 50, 100, 200 μm (+ closed and fully open)
Photon streamingStream to HDF5
Phasor analysisSwitchable with histogram
Data analysisGlobal up to 5 exponentials


Key FiPho Electronics Specifications for FLIM

Lifetimes from<50 ps
Deadtime5 ns
TCSPC bin width<15 ps
Histogram Bin Depth8, 16 and 32-bit
Independent Stops1 to 4
Maximum Start Rate100 MHz
Maximum Rate/Stop Channel10 Mcps
Operating ModeAutomatic Forward Timing
Streaming ModePhoton Streaming (Time-Tag)
Acquisition and Analysis Macro ScriptingYes
PC InterfaceUSB 3.0>
SoftwareEzTime™ Image


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