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Multivariate Analysis App for all Raman Maps

Multivariate Raman analysis at your fingertips

Raman spectroscopy is an easy and quick way to identify and quantify chemical compounds in an unknown sample. Nevertheless, most “real-life” samples like cells, proteins, medical drugs, forensics, or geological cores are very complex. Multivariate analysis techniques are the only efficient mathematic way to accurately identify and quantify them.

With MVAPlus, complex Raman chemical images can be processed and characterized rapidly and easily. A totally integrated module within the LabSpec6 Software Suite, MVAPlus has been tested and validated on a variety of datasets from small to large and with various Signal-Noise Ratios. The intuitive interface requires minimal knowledge of multivariate techniques; commonly used pre-processing functions for the included methods are available as part of MVAPlus, whilst LabSpec’s full data processing suite is available for users who wish to customize their analyses.

      * For Europe, Middle-East and Africa countries only

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
  • Combines all the most common unsupervised multivariate algorithms (PCA, MCR, HCA and K-means) for loading generation with Smart Adaptative Classical Least Squares (CLS) Fitting for image generation.
  • Automatically determines the reference spectra of your spectral dataset faster than ever.
  • Compares, in the blink of an eye, different multivariate algorithms.
  • Provides a user-workflow based interface for Raman image generation.
  • Enables multivariate analysis on huge datasets up to 4 000 000 points including 3D maps.

Meteorite picture (726, 656 points)

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