Optical Components

Choose from a large assortment of optical components for your custom spectroscopy solutions

HORIBA offers a wide variety of optical accessories. We have optical choppers which pulse continuous light sources. Explore our order sorting filter wheels for spectrographs and monochromators. Choose from our optical fibers and light guides, with flexible light delivery, single fibers, fiber bundles, and liquid light guides. And select from our lens and mirror-based sample compartments.

All of these accessories are compatible with our various optical components. Our optical accessories allow us to complete a custom solution for your unique configuration requirements and a variety of spectroscopy applications. HORIBA offers more choices to ensure you can select the best optics for your needs.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Optical Choppers

  • Chop, or pulse, continuous light sources and lasers
  • Stepper motor version can be used as on off shutter
  • 0 to 30,000 Hz (blade dependent)

  • Open or enclosed chopper housing options
  • Simple operation – set repetition rate on front panel or synchronize with an external clock
  • 4 to 5,000 Hz with 0.001 Hz accuracy (blade dependent)

Filter Wheels

  • Order sorting filter wheels for spectrographs & monochromators
  • Wavelength selection from broadband light sources
  • Filter wheels, sliders and fiber mounted


Optical Fibers and Light Guides

  • Flexible light delivery
  • Single fibers
  • Fiber bundles
  • Liquid light guides

Fibers Couplers

  • Lens based fiber-coupler with f/# matching optics for SMA and ferrule (part number 220F, or 220F-AFC for FC Mount fibers.
  • Direct fiber-coupler with no optics for 10 mm and 0.25″ ferrule with thumbscrew x-y adjusters, (part number AFO-XY)
  • Mirror based fiber-coupler for 10 mm ferrule (part number J23078640). Contact us for information about SMA and FC adapters.
  • Simple fiber-adapter for 0.25″ ferrule (part number 120F).


Sample Compartments

  • Lens-based sample compartment (tapped holes)
  • Universal access (L-, I-, T-, or X-format)
  • Lid-activated detection port shutters
  • Optional thermostatable  cuvette holder and LN2 dewar holder

  • Lens-based sample compartment (rail based)
  • L or I-format
  • Compact footprint (9.5” x 7” x 6”)
  • Optional rotating sample turret, x-z stage, and SMA fiber optic holder

  • Mirror-based sample compartment
  • L or T-format
  • Right angle and front facing (22.5°) options
  • Compatible with TCSPC lifetime components

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