SmartSampling™: Turns Raman Imaging from Hours to Minutes

Turns Raman Imaging from Hours to Minutes

SmartSampling™ is HORIBA’s ultimate tool for Raman Imaging. Added to the LabSpec6 Software Suite, it offers incredible acquisition performance producing high-resolution images, even for weak scatterers, in a fraction of the time required for standard maps.

      * For Europe, Middle-East and Africa countries only

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

SmartSampling™ technology uses an adaptative step size mapping approach to highlight the smallest microscopic details on the surface of your sample.

The user friendly and intuitive approach of SmartSamplingsupports you to make the most accurate and efficient Raman analyses. It intelligently combines precision and speed.

Use SmartSamplingfor:

  • High-resolution Raman images, with the best quality for a given time
  • Large samples even with very small details


With a single button press, the easy to use algorithm automatically and continuously improves the quality of the complete image.

  • Based on the sample image contrast SmartSampling™ organizes the measurement points and continuously improves the Raman image.
  • The most important points are acquired first.
  • The user is free to stop the scan at any time, as soon as the image quality is good enough

SmartSampling™ Raman Images: (A) Graphene flakes in 4 min vs 2 h 30 min in standard mode, (B) Convallaria Cells in 14 min vs 5 h in standard mode

Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy
Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy
Due to Covid-19, a wide choice of protective masks are now on the market. These types of masks are distinguished, in particular, by their different efficiencies linked to their filtration capacity. These differences in protective properties have therefore made it essential to characterize the composition of the masks. In this paper, we present why LabRAM Soleil™ confocal Raman multimode microscope is the perfect tool for studying the distribution and composition of mask fibers.

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