Solid Sample Tray

solid sample tray

Greater Versatility and User Functionality

The new sample holder features an externally adjustable solid sample holder for Fluorolog-QM™, Nanolog®, FluoroMax® and Aqualog®. The tray comes with a universal base plate goniometer that allows for manual 360 degree rotation of the sample by a micrometer that is adjustable from the front of the sample tray plate. In this way, the user can rotate  the sample position during a fluorescence measurement with the lid closed, thereby allowing for dynamic feedback and determination of the optimal angle for an experiment.

A complete rotation of the micrometer corresponds to 4 degrees of rotation of the base plate. 

The base plate can also be translated towards or away from the illumination source by means of a translating stage that is also adjusted by a micrometer on the front of the sample tray. This allows the user to translate the sample position during a fluorescence measurement with the lid closed to optimize the position of the front of the sample forwards or backwards. This translating micrometer can adjust the sample by up to +/- 10 mm (20 mm total travel). 

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

The new solid sample tray part number is FL-QM-UNIHLDR.

There are three optional sample holders that fit onto the top of the universal baseplate that is part of the FL-QM UNIHLDR sample tray, and they must be ordered separately.

  1. K-SS-HLDR features two plates with a pressing spring for solids or flat surfaces.
  2. K-PWDR-HLDR for powders which includes a six pack of coverslips required to hold powder in place (choose part number K-210 to order an additional six pack of coverslips).
  3. K-CUV-HLDR for front angle measurements off of a 10 mm cuvette (not thermostated or stirred).

All three sample holders are quickly and easily interchanged.

This new sample holder offers the ultimate in flexibility and the opportunity to truly optimize experimental results empirically, for the most demanding fluorescence and phosphorescence samples.

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