Release of New Micro-XRF Analyzers: XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert X-ray Analytical Microscopes

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The Two New X-ray Analytical Microscopes Boost Efficiency and Performance of Your Analysis

[Kyoto, Japan] – HORIBA, Ltd. has further expanded its XGT-9000 series product line with the release of the two new micro-XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyzers: XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert X-ray Analytical Microscopes.

The XGT-9000 Series is used in a broad range of fields. It is used in fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, pharmaceutical, and other industrial fields to detect foreign matter and develop new materials. It is also used in astrogeology, archaeology, forensics, and other research fields to perform non-destructive analyses on precious samples. One of the remarkable examples is that the XGT-9000 Series has contributed to the initial analysis of sand and gravel collected from the Ryugu asteroid by the Explorer “Hayabusa2.”

The new XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert have the improved detection systems and our patented*1 pulse processing algorithm to achieve higher-speed analysis*2. Additionally, the XGT-9000 Expert realizes the world’s first*3 light element*4 analysis (down to boron) as a benchtop energy dispersive micro-XRF analyzer. The ability to analyze supersensitive light elements, such as carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O) allows the analyses of oxides, nitrides, organic matter, and other materials by a single micro-XRF analyzer without the use of several different instruments.

These new capabilities contribute to time reductions and efficiencies of material analysis. This is true not only for quality control but also in research and development processes in material manufacturers and a broad range of other industries.

With the increasing importance of quality control in manufacturing process, the detection of tens of microns sized (1micron = 0.001mm) contaminants or foreign matter, which are difficult to be visually recognized, has been a challenge. This is because even a microscopic contaminant can result in lower performance and other serious problems in products. That is why micro-XRF analyzers are becoming more essential than ever before.

While micro-XRF analyzers are powerful for the analysis of inorganic materials and metals, high-sensitivity analyses of light elements below sodium (Na) have generally been difficult for them up until now. The analysis of nitrides and organic matter had required a different type of analyzer. The ability of the XGT-9000 Expert to achieve high-sensitivity analyses of light elements such as carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O), allows a single instrument to provide a way to analyze not only metals, but also oxides, nitrides and organic matter.

Tomoki Aoyama, Department Manager of the Scientific Instrument R&D Department of the Analytical Instruments Research & Development Division, explains, “From a sustainability standpoint, quality control as well as research and development require an even greater level of efficiency and labor savings. Many industries have long awaited the indispensable technological innovation of a micro-XRF that can analyze from organic matter to metals with just one instrument, while also dramatically reducing analysis time. To accomplish this, HORIBA has pursued X-ray analysis technologies since the 1950s. Using that cumulative knowledge, we developed the XGT-9000 Pro to satisfy anyone who wants to drastically reduce the time necessary for the high-sensitivity analysis of metals and inorganic materials, and the XGT-9000 Expert for anyone who wants an ”all-in-one" analyzer to carry out high-speed analyses of oxides, nitrides, organic materials, and metals.”

*1 Japan Patent: No. 6857174; US Patent: No. 10795031; European Patent: Patent pending.
*2 Compared to conventional HORIBA products; performance varies according to usage methods and conditions.
*3 World’s first benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer, based on internal research as of August 2022.
*4 Light elements refer to elements with low atomic weight.



XGT-9000 Pro X-ray Analytical Microscope
XGT-9000 Expert X-ray Analytical Microscope