An Introduction to Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

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Beginning: 04/29/20

For many thin film applications, knowing film thickness and/or optical constants can be critical to overall device performance. Although there are many different ways to obtain such information, the most sensitive technique to use is spectroscopic ellipsometry. A non-destructive, model-based technique, spectroscopic ellipsometry can be used to determine thin film thickness from a few Angstroms up to tens of microns, and it excels in determining ultra-thin film thickness or small changes in refractive index. Further, spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis can reveal more information such as surface roughness thickness, optical band gap, composition, crystallinity, and more!

This webinar will give a general overview of spectroscopic ellipsometry, including a description of the how the technique works, the modeling process, the information obtained, and the different types of ellipsometers available for measurement with pros and cons of each type. Finally, some applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry will be discussed.

Presenter: Dr. Michelle Sestak, Applications Scientist, Horiba