Fluorolog-QM, our new generation of Lifetime and Steady State Fluorescence Research Grade Spectrofluorometer: No Technical Compromise for the Highest Performances

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By Cary Davies, HORIBA Scientific


Beginning: 05/14/20

Location: Online

Presented by Cary Davies, HORIBA Scientific

In the development of cutting-edge materials that attract the attention of the industry, various evaluations and analyses are required. New materials such as ultra-fine particles, optical catalysts, hybrid materials and polymer gels are attracting the attention of research and development. In order to show the characteristics of these new materials, not only are manufacturing and forming processes important, but so are the analytical skills and analytic technologies that evaluate them. In this webinar, see how much HORIBA contributes to the growth of the industry by supporting the development of cutting-edge materials based on the latest analysis systems and application development.