HORIBA FRANCE SAS and GreenTropism SAS to Collaborate on Smart Solutions for Processing and Analysis of Spectroscopic Images


Palaiseau, Saclay Campus, France - HORIBA and GreenTropism have signed, 4th January 2021, a collaboration agreement. The two companies will combine their technologies for the development and commercialization of smart solutions combining HORIBA’s spectroscopic and hyperspectral imaging and GreenTropism’s data processing methods enhanced and automated by Artificial Intelligence. This collaboration will allow their respective and common customers to directly obtain optimized results with automated data interpretation through ready-to-deploy global solutions.

The rapid development of spectroscopy for industrial applications has the potential to provide new solutions in the food and beverage, medical diagnosis, and environmental markets. However, the complexity in the amount of information, and the need for standardization and robustness is today limiting efficient wide deployment. HORIBA and GreenTropism, both key players for spectroscopy in the Paris Saclay ecosystem, start this collaboration to overcome these pains.

As a result of a first joint research program for Raman instrumentation, HORIBA released on 23rd December 2020 the innovative χSTaiNTM application for fully automated processing and analysis of Raman 2D images. It builds on HORIBA’s multi-decade expertise in the analysis of spectral images and the expertise of GreenTropism for automated chemometrics designed by Artificial Intelligence.

Following this success, HORIBA, with its 200 years of innovation and as a global player for OEM solutions and scientific gratings, and Greentropism have agreed to accelerate their collaboration in the field of solutions provision for spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. It will provide new disruptive and complete solutions with a reduced time to market.

Anthony Boulanger, GreenTropism CEO says: “GreenTropism is proud and thrilled to collaborate with HORIBA FRANCE, leader in instrumentation and OEM solution. This collaboration will be a major milestone for the acknowledgment of the added value of artificial intelligence for spectroscopy and imaging. Along with HORIBA expertise and solutions, we will develop disruptive global solutions for industry 4.0 applied, for example, to the food and cosmetic industry, and to solve textile and plastic sorting challenges.”

“HORIBA France is committed to deliver new innovative products and services targeted at making our customer activities more efficient. We found in GreenTropism a unique disruptive approach for data processing leveraging our instruments’ capabilities that will bring our product experience to a new level. These solutions will have a strong impact in several critical markets that we serve, like waste sorting, life science and medical diagnosis, all of them representing key stakes for the society we live in.” comments Laurent Fullana, HORIBA FRANCE SAS President.

About GreenTropism

GreenTropism SAS, based in Paris, is specialized in software and software components for spectral and photonic data analysis and management, including databases, chemometrics, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and HMI. Its expertise covers extended spectral range (UV, VIS, NIR, MIR, Raman, LIBS,…) and technologies such as spot analysis and multi/hyperspectral imagers. The company works in the markets such as agri-food, chemistry, environment, energy (Industry 4.0 topic) and diagnosis and micro-organism detection (MedTech topic) where it helps to enable the deployment of miniaturized and process spectrometers, and building of sensor networks along with data fusion strategies.


HORIBA FRANCE SAS, headquartered in Palaiseau, brings together the activities of the scientific, process and environmental and automotive segments, and provides an extensive array of instruments and customized solutions. Our instruments are found in universities and industries around the world. Proven quality and trusted performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand. Based on the scientific know-how and knowledge of specific European, process, environment and automotive markets, HORIBA FRANCE SAS aims to develop innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technology products and systems.


The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies, part of HORIBA, Ltd. headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements.



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Left: A. Boulanger, CEO, GreenTropism SAS - Center: L. Fullana, President, HORIBA FRANCE SAS - Right: D. Cattelan, Instruments Director, HORIBA FRANCE SAS