HORIBA Scientific Introduces the Solution for Microplastics Analysis

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Palaiseau, France, March 8th, 2021

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy for over 50 years, is proud to announce the launch of their dedicated product solutions to tackle the microplastics issue.

Microplastics is becoming a more and more urgent issuedue to its huge proliferation all over the world and, still underestimated, but real dangers for the environment thus for human bodies.

As this concern is taken more and more seriously by several countries, many regulations are being published to restrict the use of plastics, a source of microplastics, in our daily life. For example, the next European regulation will be issued in summer 2021 and will require the monitoring of microplastics in drinking water and beverages. HORIBA is actively involved in the group of experts within the French Standardization Association (AFNOR) working on establishing regulations for the analysis of Microplastics in drinking water, through spectroscopic techniques (μFTIR and Raman).

We believe we have a key role to play in this fight for a better environment and health” as said by Massimiliano Rocchia, Market Manager at HORIBA Scientific.

And Ludivine Fromentoux, Raman Product Manager, adds “Including state of the art technologies, HORIBA microRaman offers today a full solution to study quickly and easily even the smallest microplastics particles.” 

Leveraging its know-how and knowledge, from throughout the company, in this field HORIBA is pleased to offer a complete solution that supports New and Expert Microplastic Researchers in the academic as well as industrial fields to analyze microplastics in different matrices:

  • Microplastic Booklet: Provides an overview of the microplastics world to fill any knowledge gaps, explains and details the protocols for sample preparation, summarizes the measurement techniques available and their Pros and Cons, describes the tricks and tips of microplastic analysis. To keep you updated, the booklet will be updated twice a year with new protocols, information etc.
  • Filtration Kit: Filtration apparatus to get your microplastic analysis started.
  • Filter and Filter Holder: A box of Silicon filters with a holder specifically developed and optimized for efficient analysis of these square filters.
  • Video Raman Matching with nano GPS technology: To confidently locate even the smallest particles. 
  • Raman Microscopes: 2 Raman microscope platforms customized for quick microplastics analysis (XploRATM and LabRAMTM Soleil).
  • Software solution: ParticleFinderTM dedicated software, offering a user-friendly tool for automated location, size and shape characterization plus Raman analysis for thousands of particles.
  • Microplastic Standards: A set of tablets containing a mixture of polymer particles (PVC, …)  of known size distribution and number to validate your lab environment and workflow.

All these new materials will be highlighted on a newly customized web page: www.horiba.com/microplastics.
Upcoming materials will follow as the regulations evolve, to make sure all HORIBA customers are fully aware and compliant with the new rules.




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2021-03-08 HORIBA Scientific introduces the solution for microplastics analysis