In-practice Haematology – Beyond the pale!

Presenter: Ronnie Barron, University of Glasgow Veterinary School

Ronnie Barron will present to provide practical insight on ensuring quality and best practice in veterinary haematology.

"We now have more near patient testing in veterinary haematology than ever before. Quality is key to best practice and ultimately superior patient care. Sod’s Law states that ‘if something can go wrong, it will!’, so along the way to your generating a Complete Blood Count, it pays to be aware of some of the pitfalls that you may encounter,” said Ronnie Barron. “One should never underestimate the value of gross exam and simple methods that can be used to ensure sample quality and results accuracy. Seeing is believing after all!."

 Duration: 90 minutes

Ronnie Barron’s CPD presentation will prove valuable to many veterinary professionals as Haematology is a key diagnostic tool. It is used in many aspects of practice, including: establishing the 'normal' for any individual animal by the use of regular monitoring; as a pre-surgical check along with clotting and clinical chemistry testing; as a first line diagnostic tool at the initial presentation of new cases; and assessing response to treatment or monitoring a patient's recovery.

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