Fuel Flow Meter FQ-3100DP


The FQ-3100DP fuel flow measurement system offers a highly precise method of measuring various fuel types for engines of up to 700 kW. The unit has a unique measuring range due to the DP sensor, which allows for a highly accurate measurement, even at very low consumption rates. In addition, the data transmission rate of 100 Hz enables highly dynamic measurements. These features make the fuel flow measurement system perfectly suited for demanding research and development applications, including testing of small engines (incl. single-cylinder research engines) and exploring lowest fuel consumption.


  • Measurement of various fuel types
  • Measuring range from 0.2 l/h to 400 l/h (300 kg/h)
  • Temperature control range from -30°C to 80°C
  • Data communication with up to 100 Hz
  • Continuous evaluation of statistical characteristics

Continuous Fuel Flow Measurement 

The FQ-3100DP fuel flow measurement system differentiates itself from similar systems with its highly precise DP sensor which offers a measuring range of 1:1000. This, in combination with fuel conditioning mechanisms and the optional integrated plausibility check module, ensures highly precise, continuous and repeatable fuel measurement tests. Additionally, available options such as temperature modules and the remote-controlled pressure regulator, maximize your testing flexibility.


  • Automated ventilation and purge function
  • Automated fuel exchange
  • Optional integrated plausibility check module 


  • High precision, even at low consumption levels
  • High repeatability
  • Unique measuring range of DP sensor


  • Standard interfaces for easy automation integration
  • Wide range of optional modules

Hergestellt von HORIBA


Measuring range

0.2...150 l/h (0.15...112.5 kg/h)
0.2...220 l/h (0.15...165 kg/h)
0.5...300 l/h (0.375...225 kg/h)
0.5...400 l/h (0.375...300 kg/h)

Temperature control range***
with 2.5 kW heating module
with 4 kW heating module

+15*...+30 ºC*
max. 60 °C
max. 80 °C

Temperature Measurement uncertainty

0.5 ºC

Temperature Control stability (steady state (dynamic) conditions)

0.05 °C (0.1 °C)

Pressure control range fuel outlet
with option vacuum controller

0.3***...10 bar
-0.5...10 bar

Fuel return pressure

-0.5***...2 bar

Fuel circulation rate adjustable

60 ... 960 l/h

Fuel Supply pressure
(with option inlet pressure regulator)

0.5... 1 bar
max. 5 bar

Fuel supply temperature

15...30 °C

Cooling water supply pressure

0.5...5 bar

Cooling water supply / return temperature

6...15 °C / 12…21 °C

Cooling water supply feed

approx. 800 l/h

Electrical supply voltage

400 V

Electrical supply frequency

50 Hz

Electrical supply current (without heating)

4 A

Overall dimensions W x H x D

1150 x 1320 x 360 mm


*Depending on fuel supply temperature. Without heating fuel outlet temperature cannot be higher than supply temperature at higher flow rates

**Max. heat transfer from engine: 2kW

*** Minimum adjustable pressure depends on setting of return pressure controller


Delta Pressure Principle with Active Driven Internal Gear Pump

Within the internal gear pump a piston in a bypass regulates the pressure difference between fuel inlet and outlet of the gear pump. The volume flow causes the piston to start moving which breaks the light barrier. This activates the servomotor, which will start to regulate the internal gear pump until the pressure is equalized again. The volumetric flow will be calculated based on the rotation frequency and the geometry of the gears.