Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Development and Testing Solutions

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)

FCEVs are vehicles that convert hydrogen into electricity in their on-board fuel cell system. Hydrogen fuel cells represent one of the most promising zero-emissions, green technologies. They have many advantages over combustion-based engines with up to 60 percent efficiency in the conversion of the fuel's chemical energy to electrical energy. They can also be used as a zero emissions range extender. 

Fuel cell’s potential is undoubtable, and the necessary advanced research to optimize their performance and successful integration into a vehicle’s architecture is well underway. During this period of change, manufacturers and developers must choose the right technologies, and guide their investment into achievable and sustainable results.

Following its acquisition into the group in 2018, HORIBA FuelCon offers decades of fuel cell and battery testing innovation and leadership. HORIBA FuelCon supports OEMS and the supply chain with full test system solutions that range from the component and short stack development/validation stage, to fuel cell systems and full stack testing for the final stages of vehicle development and implementation. Its advanced testing solutions address gas flow, humidification, temperature, pressure, and behavior under stress. Combined with HORIBA’s extensive expertise in supplying development, validation, and verification solutions for powertrain and propulsion systems, HORIBA is now embarking on an exciting period developing solutions for FCEV applications.

HORIBA’s knowledgeable engineers and specialists can help manufacturers with system engineering and integration challenges. Particular attention must be given to the software, electronics, and hardware necessary to support FCEV technologies which must be safely and efficiently integrated into vehicle architectures. HORIBA’s highly experienced Functional Safety Team helps ensure this is achieved and in accordance with the latest standards including ISO 26262.

HORIBA understands that any test solution is only as good as the automation system that connects it and ensures overall laboratory efficiency. HORIBA’s flexible STARS automation system, including STARS Enterprise lab automation, is built on an open and adaptable architecture designed for customization. Together with our TestWork automation solution, designed specifically for fuel cell applications, HORIBA supports the data and information requirements from design, to production and end use.

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HORIBA FuelCon Products

FuelCon. Evaluator C10-LT enables testing of components and single fuel cells for electric vehicle development.

Single Cell 


Fuel Cell Systems



Electrification and Energy

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

The End-of-Line system of the Evaluator series is tailored to the needs of complex production processes for batteries in electric vehicle development.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

The TrueData X-OPS 48 systems are able to emulate the behavior of electrical energy storage systems up to 60 V both functionally and electrically for electric vehicle development.


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