Spare Parts

Factory Certified Spare Parts

Factory certified spare parts for the smallest to the largest of our brake dynamometers.

From the smallest to the largest multi-purpose brake dynamometers we are able to locate factory certified spare parts.

We make obtaining factory certified spare parts quick and easy. A centralized ordering process makes acquiring spare parts easy and gets labs up and running faster. This allows customers to hold smaller user inventories and free up capital.  

Highly-trained service technicians and engineers help locate spare parts to ensure that standard repairs are resolved as quickly as possible. Most critical replacement parts are kept at service locations and a substantial assortment are in stock at regional headquarters.

We know that receiving parts in a timely manner helps ensure equipment stays well maintained and lab downtime is kept to a minimum.

In addition, to ensure a customer’s investment has a long life, we manage older, discontinued parts through a third party supplier.

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