Blood sample mixing

One of the most common pre-analytical errors is the mixing. Homogeneity of sample achieved by adequate mixing of the blood sample is the key to the quality of analytical results. The process of mixing should be such as not to result in the alteration of the integrity of the sample, such as hemolysis, and thus affect the quality of results.
Yumizen H1500 & H2500 mixing process 

Once the racks have been loaded on the analyzer, they are transferred into a 4 sides mixing module. 
The mixing module turns 40 times at 360° to get homogeneous samples and to avoid platelet activation and clogs formation.

4 sided mixing and barcode reading module

4 sided mixing and barcode reading module

Our mixing process is fully compliant with the CLSI H26 recommendation which is at least 10 complete inversion (180°). Because the mixing is efficiently integrated into our analyzers, it is therefore not at all required to mix manually the whole blood samples before loading. 

The governance of each of these preanalytical variables optimizes patient care, reduces laboratory costs, and enhances physician laboratory confidence.

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