Peri Analytical


At the heart of your laboratory organization

The peri-analytical missions include all the steps before, after and around the analysis performed by the analyzers.

Its role is increasingly important in the laboratory organization, its functions are more and more specialized and it is becoming an element of major interest for laboratory staff.

Its main features are:

  • to allow a facilitated laboratory management (remote access),
  • to be the unfailing link between analyzers and Laboratory Information System (Data Manager),
  • to minimize low added value tasks (Pre analytical sorter),
  • to optimize the results validation (validation rules of Data Manager),
  • to facilitate the multi sites organization and to improve the production management (Middleware)
  • to automatize the slide review (Slide digitalizer),
  • to save technician time (Post analytical sorter),
  • to store and to retrieve easily archived tubes (Post analytical storage),
  • to provide relevant services (Accreditation Folder, Quality Slide Program and Quality Control Program).


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Segment: Medical
Abteilung: Hematology


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