Compound Semiconductors

Compound semiconductors enable the production of advanced power devices and active photonic devices such as light sources and detectors. Successful fabrication of such devices relies on the high quality of the underlying materials (SiC, AlGaN, GaN, GaAs, InGaAs etc.) and precise deposition of intended geometries on a wafer substrate.

Defects in materials such as imperfections in geometries, adversely affect yield and usually increase cost and development times of compound semiconductor devices

Photoluminescence characterization of compound semiconductors

Application: Displays, LEDs, laser diodes, quantum wells

Materials: GaAs, InGaAs, InP, InGaN, GaP

  • Detection of impurities
  • Epitaxial layer growth uniformity
  • Determination of the band-gap
  • Average stress measurement (residual)

PL image of GaAs wafer showing inhomogeneities

PL image of an InGaAs based multiquantum well structure

PL image of InGaAsP layer on InP-based wafer showing inhomogeneities

Raman/photoluminescence characterization of wide bandgap semiconductors

Application: Power devices

Materials: Gallium nitride (GaN), Silicon Carbide (SiC), Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3)

  • Average stress measurements
  • Crystalline structure
  • Doping level
  • Charge carrier concentration

Raman image of SiC wafer showing different crystalline forms

Raman image of doping distribution across a SiC wafer

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