The Application of Micro-XRF Spectroscopy

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Beginn: 04/20/20

Ort: Online

The basic principles of X-ray fluorescence and instrumentation for micro-XRF spectroscopy will be discussed in this presentation. The examples of the use of this method in industry for uniformity and chemical analysis of glasses, in the pharmaceutical industry for detecting counterfeit products, in art to confirming of authenticity, and in forensics will be shown and discussed.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy is a useful tool for the identification of substances and confirming their identity with little or no sample preparation. XRF emission lines, specific to particular elements, enable elemental and chemical identification. XRF analysis has the potential to solve a wide variety of problems associated with analytical chemistry, including forensic science.

Presented by: Dr. Sergey Mamedov, Applications Scientist HORIBA Scientific
XGT-9000, X-ray Analytical Microscope