Application Notes/Case Studies

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Application Notes

Oil Content measurement for factory drainage including surfactant - OCMA-500

The Residual Oil Measurement on Components - OCMA-550

Case Study

Monitoring drinking water quality by Water Distribution Monitor TW Series - Case study of remote monitoring/operation at water tower in Selangor State, Malaysia

Structural Characteristics of the Halocline in Brackish Water - U-50 series

Low-Flow Ground-water Sampling and Monitoring - U-50 series

Water Quality Monitoring for Dredging Operation - U-50 series

HORIBA Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor – Full-Scale Evaluation by Sanitation District of Los Angeles (LACSD) - HC-200NH

Ammonia nitrogen monitoring in water recycling process - HC-200NH

Usage example of non-replenishment pH electrode 6155 in water purication plant - 6155 series