PEMS Testing - Portable Emissions Measurement Systems

PEMS Testing

Over the past several decades, real-world emissions from mobile sources have been a focus for global regulatory agencies and manufacturers looking to build a cleaner future. HORIBA has the necessary tools to help users re-design in-use compliance programs for new regulatory environments, help demonstrate compliance with global regulations, enhance real-world performance, and achieve in-use emission reduction targets. 

HORIBA is here to support manufacturers and regulators with reliable solutions and a wealth of expertise. Before the first in-use regulation was formed, HORIBA was there. It has remained at the forefront of portable emission measurement ever since to help users adapt to changing global emissions standards and evolving measurement practices. 

HORIBA PEMS systems are designed for ease of deployment, consistency in the face of extreme environments, and flexibility with the future in mind— allowing users to add technology and adapt to changing measurement needs. The OBS-ONE series, originally launched in 2014, offers an advanced PEMS for on-board measurement that complies with the latest/pending regulations of EU and US rulemaking bodies. It is ideally suited for RDE measurement, heavy-duty in-use programs, and real-world development. System modules characterize criteria emissions, greenhouse gases, particle number (PN), and particle mass (PM) via a state-of the-art interface known as HORIBA ONE. 

As real-world driving and emissions compliance become a standard part of the product development process, HORIBA PEMS allows for synergy with advanced road-to-rig techniques, such as RDE+. RDE+ is a series of solutions that help development programs dramatically reduce testing hours and prototype generation, lower costs by the millions, enable a cleaner environment—and unlock overall potential.

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