Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor CS-600F

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

The CS-600F achieves a higher level of functionality best suited for manufacturing, such as the ability to perform in-line measurement of high temperature chemical solutions in various applications, stable operation for reduced downtime, and compact size for improved space productivity in order to meet the precise chemical solution concentration management required in leading-edge semiconductor wet process.


Segmento: Semiconductor
Fabricante: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.


  • Reduced Sizes for More Flexible Layout
    The CS-600F monitor is compact in size; height has been reduced by 36%, volume by 40%, and the space required by the cell cables by 46% compared to previous models (CS-100F1 series).
    The light source unit and monitor main body can be installed remotely and in separate locations, which allows installation flexibility based on the locations of chemical solution unit and cleaning equipment.
  • High-stability, In-line Measurement of High Temperature Chemical Solutions (20 to 80℃)
    The all-new optical system and improved processing algorithms enable in-line measurement of high temperature chemical solutions, a critical step for leading-edge wet processes. This eliminates the need to cool-down the chemical sample., HORIBA’s CS-600F provides a high-stability, enables more efficient and precise chemical solution management.
  • Significantly Reduced Background Correction Frequency
    The regular correction frequency is significantly reduced compared to the previous model (CS-100F1 Series), which in turn significantly reduces unit downtime and greatly contributes to improved throughput.
  • A Single Monitor is Capable of Measuring Up to Six Types of Chemical Solutions (solution types or ranges)
    A single monitor can measure up to six types of chemical solutions (solution types or ranges). Solution types and ranges can be freely specified, enabling the CS-600F to meet a wide variety of monitoring requirements.
  • Capable of Outputting Measured Values of Up to Six Components (Serial Output)
    The previous model (CS-100F1 Series) was able to output four components (serial output). This new model can output up to six components through the serial output. Analog output of new model is four components versus two on the previous model.



Absorption spectroscopic method
Temperature compensation type multivariate analysis
Measurement targetNH3/H2O2/H2O (reperesentative specification)
* Please contact HORIBA regarding other chemicals.
Measurement rangeNH3:0.00~1.20mass%、H2O2:0.00~5.50mass%、
Chemical temperature: Within ±1℃/1 hour
Sample solution
Measurement cycleApprox. 3 seconds
(1) Measured value (%)
(2) Concentration alarm (HH/H/L/LL)
(3) Error code (EXXX)
(4) Chemical temperature (°C)
(5) Serial/parallel communication status (P/S)
(6) The times of background correction failure (CXXX)
Key input(1) Concentration alarm setting (HH/H/L/LL)
(2) Concentration value shift
(3) Background correction
(4) Hot water correction
(5) Temperature dependent concentration shift
Input voltage of 12 V to 30 V DC by insulating with photo coupler
(1) Parallel concentration alarm output (On/Off)
(2) Switching chemical solution for measurement
(including background correction)
(3) Hot water correction
Transistor output (NPN open collector) by insulating with photo coupler
Maximum current when powered ON: 5 mA DC (no internal protective resistance)
Maximum voltage when powered OFF: 30 V DC
(1) Concentration alarm (ON at HH/H/L/LL alarm)
(2) Monitor error (OFF at error)
(3) Measuring (ON at measurement)
(4) Chemical solution type for measurement
(5) Echo to hot water correction input
(6) Warning (ON at occurred)
(7) Background correction status 8) Hot water correction status
Serial inputRS-232C
(1) Request for readout of measurement data
(2) Select chemical solution type to be measured
(3) Hot water correction

(1) Measured data No.
(2) Chemical solution type
(3) Concentration value
(4) Error code
(5) Chemical temperature

4 mA to 20 mA
In case of monitor error occurs, measurement is stopped or
invalid chemical range is selected, the signal output is fixed at 1.5 mA. The load resistor must be 500 Ω maximum.
Chemical solution
temperature input
Terminal block inlet (terminal screw M3)
Platinum resistance temperature sensor: Pt100
(Three-conductor type, Class A) *Temperature sensor is not included.
(for operation and purge)
Connection port: 4 mm O.D. quick joint,
Pressure: 0.2 MPa ±0.02 Mpa
Power source100~230V AC(Single-Phase)、50/60Hz
Power consumptionApprox. 85 VA
(transient electric current at the time of the start is excluded)
Weight(Monitor) Approx. 3.6 kg
(Lamp unit) Approx. 2.8 kg
(Sample cell) Approx. 1.2 kg
Ambient temperature(Monitor, Lamp unit) 20°C to 30°C
(Sample cell, Optical fiber) 20°C to 35°C
(Sudden temperature change should be avoided, within ±1°C/1 hour)
Ambient humidity(Monitor, Lamp unit, Sample cell) 40% to 70%
(Should be no dew condensation)
Slanting angle at installation(Monitor, Lamp unit) within ±1°
Optical fiberLength: 5 m, minimum bend radius: R 150 mm



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