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Sensor Testing

Optimists predict that autonomous vehicles will be sufficiently reliable, affordable, and common to displace most human driving as soon as the end of this decade. However, to make this happen, considerable uncertainties must first be mitigated.  

A key aspect for autonomous driving is the detection of environmental influences such as other vehicles, people, and obstacles. Radar can detect distances very well, whereas light detection and ranging (lidar) is better at detecting the size of objects to ensure these vehicles can operate reliably in mixed urban traffic, heavy rain and snow, as well as unpaved and unmapped roads. To achieve this, autonomous vehicles rely on a network of sensors that produce data, which must be fused in order to ensure safe operation.

HORIBA’s advanced system for testing autonomous functions in the test cell (lab-based solutions) enables the testing of relevant sensors— such as lidar, radar, and camera. This allows for scenario-based procedures for vehicles, ensures reliable results with a maximum of reproducibility, and helps to close the gap between simulation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and proving ground tests.

The "future test cell" approach combines standard test procedures with connected autonomous vehicle testing applications to achieve scenario-based testing. This allows sensor testing with or without physical connections, depending on the specific use case (such as development, homologation, PTI – periodic technical inspection). This solution can be combined with HORIBA’s comprehensive range of products and services to enable reproducible real-time testing of vehicles equipped with ADAS and AD systems. These include: dynamic and responsive dynamometers (such as VULCAN chassis dynamometer, TITAN Powertrain VSL wheel-hub dynamometer), standalone HIL testing solutions, and the secure STARS Automation and Enterprise lab management system.

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