Light-Duty Engine Testing

Light-Duty Engine Testing

HORIBA has spent the last 75 years providing solutions for the development, refinement and certification of all types of propulsion systems. As in all facets of mobility, the light-duty market is undergoing tremendous change driven by a host of variables like new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and more stringent global regulations. 

HORIBA understands the benefits that high accuracy measurement, extreme reliability, and high laboratory utilization bring to a development program. Trustworthy measurement results move customers closer to legislative thresholds with confidence—reducing cost, time, and risk. A full line of robust analyzers and measurement systems support the validation and verification of the overall vehicle, components, subsystems, and measurement at all exhaust flow levels including hybrid powertrains with intermittent zero flow. Analyzers are designed with future-proofing in mind to allow for the addition of new requirements as the industry evolves. Flexible tools and experienced engineering teams help users meet regulations for vehicle certification, engine refinement, and optimization of vehicle performance to meet lower CO2 and criteria pollutant requirements. 

HORIBA will continue to support light-duty vehicle developers and manufacturers in their shift from a dependence on internal combustion engines to a complex mix of hybridization, energy recovery, and electrification solutions. This includes the use of a range of gaseous and liquid fuels as well as fuel cell technology. Dynamometer-based solutions are also a critical part of achieving testing goals. HORIBA offers dynamic and configurable systems that support all types of propulsion.

A solution is only as good as the automation system that connects it and ensures overall laboratory efficiency. HORIBA’s test and lab automation tools are built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient, and integrated testing experience. HORIBA supports the data and information requirements from design, to production, and end use.

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