We support the full range of mobility as it shifts, over time, from a dependence on internal combustion engines to a complex mix of hybridization, energy recovery and electrification solutions in an effort to stay compliant with new regulations, evolving technologies and changing customer preferences. This includes the use of a range of gaseous fuels and fuel cell technology. 

Increasing global regulatory complexity requires extremely capable test and measurement solutions that can adapt to a variety of vehicle architectures and withstand a range of challenging operational environments. At the same time, hybridization and electrification are being used to both optimize energy use and minimize consumption. For example, a variety of technical approaches to energy recovery and storage are being developed alongside growing interest in electrification, hybridization, and the use of fuel cells—all of which present different challenges in the test and validation environment.  

These uncertain times present a range of new challenges, but they also bring new opportunities. It is crucial that today’s investments contribute to both long term efficiency and program benefits. The tools and expertise that we provide our OEM and industry partners is flexible enough to adapt to future needs, while helping front-load development wherever possible.  

Light-Duty Vehicles

Testing Solutions for Light Duty Vehicle Development | HORIBA Automotive

Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Agriculture & Off-Highway

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