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Blood Slide Stainer

RAL Stainer is an easy to use automated staining unit, compact and efficient. This instrument is used by laboratories with a workload between 30 and 200 slides per day. RAL Stainer offers a backup solution or it can also be used for urgent slide analysis depending on the lab workflow. RAL Stainer runs exclusively with RAL Diagnostics staining kits for different applications: hematology, microbiology, parasitology and mycology.  


*This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your HORIBA Medical sales representative or distributor for more information. 

Segment: Medical
Oddělení: Hematology
Výrobní společnost: CellaVision AB (publ)
Base product: Peri Analytical

Work safely

  • The bottles inside the kit are also the staining baths so the stains no longer need to be transferred into separate containers. 
  • Reagents are placed inside closed drawers and covered by sealing lids. 
  • The staining chamber is closed, and the air is purified by an activated carbon filter. The users are protected throughout the staining process. 


Simplify your handling  

  • The ready-to-use reagents are directly placed inside the RAL Stainer without any priming of the stains. 
  • The maintenance is reduced thanks to an automatic cleaning cycle.  
  • When the reagents reach the end of their useful life, they can be automatically drained into the waste bin.  


Save time

  • Continuous slide loading thanks to a second slide drawer available while the first set of slides is being stained. 
  • Optimization thanks to calibrated and dedicated kits and 10 recordable staining protocols.
  • Low consumption of reagents thanks to the bath method. 


Get reliable results

  • Protocols are automatically loaded onto the system via an RFID Tag that comes with each kit. This avoids protocol errors and provides traceability of the staining cycle (reagent lot and autonomy, staining protocol, user profile…). 
  • Traceability data can be downloaded and saved. 
  • In hematology, the staining is optimized for digital image analysis, especially with the MCDh kit.


Available Kits

Kit RAL Stainer MCDhTM (500 slides)
Kit RAL Stainer Gram-Nicolle (500 slides)
Kit RAL Stainer Gram-Hücker (500 slides)
Kit RAL Stainer 555 (300 slides)



  • Height: 58.7 cm
  • Diameter: 40 cm


  • 28 kg
  • 61.7 lbs


  • 2 loading / unloading / drying zones
  • 5 stations, (4 staining stations & 1 rinsing station)
  • 2x10L containers for rinsing liquid & waste
  • Automatic waste draining in 10L
  • Number of tests possible: 500 slides
  • Time: 11 m
  • Life span: 2 weeks after opening

Supply Voltage Range

110-230V / 50-60HZ / 150 VA


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