Forensic Light Sources

Our Forensic light sources, CrimeScope, Mini-CrimeScope, HandScope Halogen and HandScope Xenon are manufactured in Edison, NJ, USA by HORIBA Scientific. SPEX Forensics Division. They are the ultimate units in their categories featuring the most wavelengths and highest intensity (best sensitivity in searching mode). Over the past 6 years SPEX Forensics has become the worldwide leader in FLS with the purchase of 50 units by the National Japanese police, 140 units by the FBI, 25 units by the French Gendarmerie, and more recently 107 units by the Italian Carabinieri. There are more than 1000 units in use worldwide by police forces ranging from small City Police Dept's to counties, state and special crime scene forces to national and federal police agencies. (Note the FBI can not endorse any particular brand)


CS-16-500 Forensic Light Source

The CS-16-500 was designed for those departments that prefer Xenon 500W lamps to Metal Halide Lamps because of the extra Infrared output for forged documents.

Mini CrimeScope

Mini-CrimeScope Advance

The Next Generation of the premiere crime scene forensic light source. Smaller, Lighter, Brighter the Mini-CrimeScope Advance represents the latest in bulb based Forensic Light Source Technology.


Mini CrimeScope 400W Forensic Light Source

Mini-Crimescope-400W is the most powerful light source in the CrimeScope series and it produces light intensity unmatched by any other forensic light source on the market.


HandScope Xenon Forensic Light Source

The introduction of this new battery or AC powered unit finally allows small Police Dept's or Crime Scene units to buy a low cost forensic light source, while maintaining high performance with an unmatched number of filters.


The FOCUS LED is the first LED Alternate Light Source that offers uniform illumination, eliminating hot spots.

Typical applications of our Forensic Lights

Fluorescence (Ultraviolet, all Visible wavelengths, Infrared), Reflectance, Absorption used for: Latent fingerprint identification, Crime Scene Search and evidence collection, Forensic photography and imaging, forged/questioned documents, counterfeit, biology & serology (detection of semen, blood (in natural absorption mode at 415nm or in fluorescence mode after treatment with the Fluorescein spray), saliva, vaginal fluids, sweat, feces), footprint, gun shot residues, bruises, bite marks, fibers and hair, bone fragments.