FREE of Charge (see conditions below)

Day 1:

  • FLS: Forensic Light Sources (Long wave UV - Visible- Infrared Light).
  • RUVIS: Reflected UV Systems (Short wave UV Light).
  • Fingerprint IMAGING and CRIME SCENE Products.

Applications: Fingerprint Development (Cyanoacrylate Fuming Techniques, Dye Staining and Fluorescence powder), Biological Stains detection (Blood techniques - Other body fluids), Other Evidence Collection (Fibers, Shoeprints, Bones), Bruises and Bite Marks (Melanin / Iron), Questioned Documents, Gun Shot Residues.

Techniques: Fluorescence Technique (Advantages over powders), Absorption Technique (Blood, Ninhydrin-ZnCl), Reflected UV Technique (Latent fingerprint and palmprint on non porous surfaces), Transmission & Blocking (filters).

Demonstrated Systems:

  • MCS-400, CS-16-500 and HandScope® Forensic Light Sources (Fingerprint, Biology, Trace Evidence, Questioned Documents)
  • SceneScope® RUVIS UV Imager (Fingerprint & Blood)
  • PrintScope™ Portable Digital Fluorescence Imager (Fingerprint)

Hands-On Workshops:

  • Cyanoacrylate Fuming (Unheated and other techniques)
  • Basic Yellow dye Staining comparison with UV Dye and Rhodamine
  • SPEX Fingerprint Portable Kit/Evidence Packaging Kits/MikroSil/ Bluestar
  • 35mm and digital photography (FLS & Shortwave UV photography modes, latent palm mode) - Filtering
  • Body Fluids, Hair and Fibers (Conditions for searching)
  • Ink separation on Forged Documents

Day 2:

  • Digital Imaging: Cameras, optics for fingerprint work, pure optical enhancements.
  • Image enhancement: Software for fingerprint enhancement & case presentation.
  • AFIS-APIS: High accuracy approach for latent search in a finger/palm database.
  • AFIS-APIS RESULTS that speak for themselves.
  • LiveScan: Replace the inking process. Save time & increase your Identification rate.

Applications: Fingerprint Enhancements, Tracking, Computer digital storing/transmission, Case presentation with charting. AFIS: Latent finger search: Use skeleton full information (Ridge details, not just minutiae points). APIS: Latent palm search: Statistical justifications for collecting all crime scene palms and palm cards from all. Critical cases: How to achieve HIGHER Identification rate in SERIOUS CRIMES cases.

Techniques: Optical Filtering / Bandpass Filtering / Filter combining. Computer interfacing / transferring & compression of data. Software enhancements: Background elimination, FFT treatments, digital filters. Side by side comparison, extractions of points, charting for court presentation. AFIS Skeleton extraction and manual editing. APIS fast Palm card database creation and latent palm process. LiveScan Digital Card capture.

Demonstrated Systems:

  • PrintScope™ digital fluorescence Imager (Fingerprint)
  • ImaScope™ Laboratory camera set-up (Fingerprint)
  • ImaQuest® Enhancement Software
  • IdentQuest™ Comparison Software
  • PrintQuest® AFIS-APIS and LIVESCAN Systems

Hands-On Workshops:

  • More on Digital Filtering and Capturing
  • ImaQuest® demonstration (fingerprint enhancement)
  • IdentQuest™ demonstration (case presentation)
  • AFIS + APIS Tenprint Card and latent processing
  • LiveScan tenprint capture from 3-4 attendees

Contact us for further information about the Seminar.

Conditions for no charge seminar

  • Hosting agency shall provide meeting room with projection panel, PC projector for 2 days.
  • Hosting agency shall provide access to a forensic laboratory / hood for some of the dye staining steps.
  • MINIMUM number of attending Agencies is FIVE and minimum number of attendees is TWELVE.
  • Hosting agency shall provide a lunch room.
  • Contact us eight or more weeks in advance.