Raman Imaging Gallery - Raman Imaging of Holographic Gratings Inscribed on Polymer Thin Films

Holographic Gratings Inscribed on Polymer Thin Films
  • System: LabRAM HR
  • Time per point: 5s
  • Step size: 0.1 µm
  • Data points: 1,225

Raman image from a thin film of azobenzene - containing polymer thin film (300 nm) that is periodically structured (periodicity of ~1µm). Raman measurements were recorded with a LabRAM HR with an inverted microscope (Olympus IX 71) and a X,Y Piezoelectric stage to position the sample with the best accuracy and repeatability. A 100X, 0.9 NA microscope objective was used. A Raman spectrum was recorded every 100 nm along the X and Y directions with an integration time of 5 seconds per spectrum (excitation=752.4 nm). The variation of the Raman signal was integrated over the 1060-1180 cm-1 spectral domain. It must be pointed out that details on the Raman profile are obtained with a spatial resolution better than λ/2 (at the diffraction limit).

Data courtesy of Dr François Lagugné-Labarthet [1] and Dr David Talaga [2].
[1] Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario.
[2] Institut des Sciences Moléculaires, Université Bordeaux I-CNRS, France


"Chromophore Orientations upon irradiation in gratings inscribed on azo dye polymer films: a combined AFM and confocal Raman microscopic study", F.Lagugné-Labarthet, J.L.Bruneel, T.Buffeteau, C.Sourisseau, J.Phys.Chem B, 2004, 108, 6949.

"Molecular orientations in a nonlinear optical azopolymer diffraction grating: odd and even order parameters from near-field second harmonic generation and far-field Raman microscopies", F.Lagugné-Labarthet, C.Sourisseau, R.D.Schaller, R.Saykally, P.Rochon, J. Phys. Chem B, 2004, 108, 17059.