QBlock Series


QBlock series provides wide selection to choose appropriate hot block to increase efficiency of digestion and through put. Teflon coated graphite block and enclosure provides ability to produce contamination free results. Modular approach for Commander, touch screen base temperature controller helps increase life span of system and provides total control over 4 QBlock simultaneously.


  • Teflon Coated graphite heating block
  • Fast and uniformed heating from Ambient to 230°C
  • Excellent temperature uniformity of + 1 °C over all QBlock wells
  • Thermally secured from 5 sides, thus conserving energy
  • Remotely placed electronics controls
  • Choice of chemical resistant block housing, rugged Teflon coated metal or engineered plastics
  • Only hot block in the market that reaches adequate temperatures for tri-acid treatment
  • Non-contaminating heat-sustainable Teflon®-coated sample vial carrying tray
  • Adequate sample handling capacity allows individual control over diverse groups of Samples in multiple hot blocks, resulting in increased lab efficiency
  • Upgradable to automated reagent delivery and sample work-up

Hergestellt von Questron Technologies Corp


Standard Size: 33 X 30 X 15 cm (13.125” X 11.5” X 5.875”)

Wide size: 42 X 36 X 15 cm (16.5” X 14.0” X 5.875”)

Vial size (ml / OD)

15 ml / 16 mm

25 ml / 22 mm

50 ml / 30 mm

50 ml / 30 mm

Custom size

Standard (230°C)

(12 X 8) 96

(9 X 8) 72

(7 X 6) 42

(5 X 4) 20


Wide (180°C)

(9 x 8) 72

(6 X 5) 30





Do you have hot block requirements that do not fit into any of our standard offerings? With help of our in house capabilities we can make one to fit for your need. Please ask us for a quotation on your customized hot block requirements. Customised QBlocks are available within a few weeks only at a small additional cost.

In the past we have made,

  • QBlock well to fit non conventional glass ware and microwave digestion vessels
  • QBlock with heating range to 500°C
  • High power blocks for quick heating
  • Specialised sample rack which can placed on QBlock and is used for handling test tubes during digestion