The SPRi-Biochip surface must be functionalized to immobilize the ligands. The surface chemistry is chosen according to the nature of the ligands. Also, bare gold surfaces can be used to immobilize thiolated molecules or to design your own surface chemistry.

Different surface chemistries are available:

  • Self-Assembled Mono/Multi layers (SAM) chemistries
    These 2D surface chemistries are ideal for direct coupling and are adapted to many molecules.
  • 3D surface chemistries (Dextran-based)
    The 3D surface chemistries allow a higher concentration of immobilized ligands. This chemistry is ideal for detecting low-molecular weight compounds.
  • Electro-polymerization
    Electro-polymerization (or electro-addressing) uses an electric pulse to immobilize pyrrole- or diazonium-functionalized molecules.
Surface chemistries available
Surface chemistries available