Strategic Partnership for SPRi Instrumentation in Diagnosis

Strategic partnership for SPRi instrumentation in diagnosis

As members of the CLIPP proteomic platform, Institut FEMTO-ST (Besançon, Fr) and IFR100 (Dijon, Fr) are involved in an R&D partnership with HORIBA Jobin Yvon, part of the HORIBA Scientific group, since March 1, 2010 to develop a SPRi-MS platform (the SuPRA-MS platform).

The coupling of instrumentations combining multiplexed detection and identification of biological analytes is a major technological barrier for the early diagnosis of human pathologies and the personalized therapeutic follow-up based on a list of biomarkers.

The CLIPP platform and HORIBA Scientific, strengthened by recent progress in SPRi-MS coupling, are working together for the clinical validation of a SPRi-MS platform. From this strategic partnership a CIFRE research fellow has been contracted, and the following benefits are expected: technological advances in nano/micro-technologies adapted to biochips, automation of on-chip MS analyses and development of bio-statistical tools dedicated to this platform.

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