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International Training Manager's Words

Dear Horibarians, dear Partners and dear Customers, HORIBA Medical Training Center has been existing for more than 25 years. The release of new products and the scientific image of our Group are key issues closely linked to the transmission of knowledge and know-how; thus, each actors of the Training Centers including myself are working daily to improve, optimize, standardize and modernize our activities.

The relevance of our training contents, our ability to transmit them and your ability to memorize and apply them have the unique aim of constantly improve the satisfaction of all our products users all over the world.

In my opinion, the Knowledge is not a wealth we own, but rather a gift we offer. Thus, we currently and will continue to make every effort in order to ensure that the learning moments we share with you, in each of our centers, are great experiences that we will constantly improve.
I wish you a good reading…

Thibault CRES

Our Commitments

Modernize our sessions and training materials to be at the forefront of current teaching techniques:

To this end, we are studying numerous projects which allows to facilitate and optimize your learning (e-learning, micro-learning, interactive MCQ, webinars, technical videos…) and we are constantly improving our teaching techniques and methods during face-to-face trainings. Furthermore, this year we are modernizing all our software for recording training sessions and distribution of documents.

Improve and standardize the quality of our services in all Training Centers:

All of our Training Centers are organized to offer you similar and standardized sessions for which we try to improve the quality of the content each year. For this, each center uses the same tools, the same criteria for certifying trainers and applies the same procedures that comply with our international certifications. One Company ! and One Training Standard.

Promote respect for the environment in our daily work:

We want to increase, even more, our commitment to respect the environment; thus we started the project to remove all the “quality” documents in paper format from our sessions in order to dematerialize them along with a full management of the electronic validation process.

Behind the Scenes of HORIBA Medical Training Center in the time of Covid Pandemic and Beyond

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Training Platforms

Face-to-face training

  • Find your training course
  • Select your training location and dates
  • Book a seat at your training session
  • Connect to your account to sign documents during your training session

E-learning modules

E-Learning module_thumbnail_HORIBA Medical Training Center
  • Find your module
  • Create your account
  • Connect to your account to attend your E-trainings

Training Planning

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