High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor CS-700

High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

This is a chemical concentration monitor capable of accurately measuring the concentration of each component in mixed solutions used in the semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Ideal for controlling multi-component chemicals, including trademarked chemicals. It contributes to enhanced quality control in semiconductor manufacturing processes while improving the accuracy of chemical management.

Chemical Concentration

DC24VTransmission OutputContact OutputRS-232CMulti Component

Segment: Semiconductor
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Compatible with Multi-component Chemicals

Accurate measure mixtures of up to eight components of chemicals can be taken.

Zero Reagent Requirements

Since component separation is accomplished through an optical measurement method without the need for reagents, it also contributes to cost reduction in the production process.

Measurement Range and Repeatability

Unit : mass%

 ComponentMeasurable rangeRepeatability
1st solutionHNO330.0 - 34.0±0.5
HF2.00 - 4.00±0.10
H3PO435.0 - 39.0±0.6
H2SiF60.00 - 3.00±0.50
H2O25.0 - 33.0±1.0

Conditions of measurement
1) Measurement interval: approx. 8 sec.
2) Moving average time :10 times
3) Atmospheric temperature, chemical temperature fluctuation: within +/- 1 degree C (period of time: 1hour). Sudden temperature change should be avoided
4) Condition of sample temperature: 20 to 30 degree C

  • Repeatability is the maximum deviation from average measured value over a 1 hour continuous measurement period.
  • The values in the above table are assigned analog output values between 4 - 20 mA. (makimum resistance of 500Ω)

Specifications Comparison with Previous Model


Measurement principleAbsorption spectroscopic methodAbsorption spectroscopic method
Sample temperature20 to 30 Degree C20 to 30 Degree C
Ambient temperature20 to 25 Degree C20 to 30 Degree C
ComponentsMax. 4 componentsMax. 8 components
Chemical rangeMax. 4 rangesMax. 6 ranges
CommunicationParallel I/O, Analog output, RS-232CParallel I/O, Analog output, RS-232C
Analog output
(4-20 mA)
Max. 2 componentsMax. 6 components
Dimension205(W) X 329(D) X 269(H)mm218(W) X 391(D) X 213(H)mm
Power sourceDC 24VDC 24V(Same connecter of CS-100)
Consumable partsHalogen lampHalogen lamp (Same as CS-100 type)
Wetted materialPTFE, PFA, Sapphire or Quartz,PTFE, PFA, Sapphire,
Kalrez 4079 O-ring



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