Particle Detection System

HORIBA offers the below Particle Detection System to the leading-edge lithography process in the semiconductor manufacturing market, and they are widely used. These products detect particle on reticle/mask with high operating rated and long-term stability. They measures particles on each glass/pellicle surface with high throughput, contributing to yield improvements for any semiconductor manufacturing line. We also provide a Particle Remover that you can use in conjunction with the Particle Detection System.

Blanks Mask Particle Detection System

Blanks Mask Particle Detection System PR-PD2BLI

High speed and high accuracy inspection for blanks mask

Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System

PR-PD2HR Particle detection system

Achieves dramatic cost reductions in advanced mask inspections

HORIBA's PR-PD2 Particle Detection System

High sensitive particle detection down to 0.35µm.

PR-PD5 Particle detection system

For use in combination with Manufacturing Devices. Low-cost reticle/mask particle inspection with enhanced versatility and compactness.

Compact Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System PR-PD3

Low running costs thanks to a compact design, plus remarkable versatility

Reticle/Mask Particle Remover

Reticle/Mask Particle Remover RP-1

Automatically removes particles by blow and vacuum suction