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Optical Fibre

When manufacturing fiber optics, plasma torch gas control is critical to the process. HORIBA’s flow measurement and control technology is used to accurately and repeatedly control the flow rate of these gases. To create a preform, fiber optics manufacturers can use POCl3, SiCl4 and GeCl4 delivered via a bubbler system or hotbox. Precise and repeatable control of the vaporization process is contingent on the precise operation of the bubbler / hotbox and tight control of the carrier gas.

HORIBA’s flagship SEC-Z500X series which can control flows up to 500slm, combined with our high temperature SEC-8000 series MFC are the perfect solution for accurate flow control of these critical process gases.

Baking SystemLSC Series
(Compact Baking System)
SEC-8000 F/D/E (MFC)  
Injection SystemLE Series (Vaporizer)LF-F/LV Series
(Liquid MFC)
SEC-N100 Series (MFC) 
Bubbling SystemIR-300
(Vapor Concentration Monitor)
UR-Z700 Series
(Pressure Regulator)
SEC-N100 Series (MFC)SEC-Z500X (MFC)
Liquid Auto Refill SystemLU Series   


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