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SEMS - Smart Emissions Measurement System

Smart Emissions Measurement System

The Smart Emissions Measurement System (SEMS) is an independent, secure big data cloud service and data processing offer used to collect emissions data from any light- or heavy-duty vehicle using combustion engines. This data can be measurements taken during road use, from a database offering a statistically reliable number of vehicle measurements or results from other existing PEMS tests. All measured data is transferred to a cloud-based data server and analysis will be done on HORIBA’s Enterprise platform.

  • Available for light- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles
  • Mentioned in the RDE 4 Regulation (EU 2018/1832) for In-Service Conformity
  • Invisible from the outside, small and easy to install
  • Independent from vehicle or engine vendor
  • Use of OBD interface data possible
  • Applicable for mass data management
  • Integrated into STARS Enterprise platform
  • Independent, secure big data cloud service and data processing offer



  • fleet management on emissions
  • Overview of real driving emissions of an individual or large number of vehicles
  • set up dynamic traffic control
  • search for big polluters (e.g. no filter or catalyst)
  • set up dynamic tax models
  • support propulsion engineering with data from real driving



  • Standardized sensors
  • Real-time emissions monitoring
  • NOx and NH3 are measured directly, others are calculated through data processing



  • Easy and fast installation and integration
  • Automatic data upload to cloud server



  • Additional sensors or analysis possible
  • Open and flexible interface

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