TITAN Engine

TITAN Engine - Engine Testing Dynamometer

Engine Test Systems

The TITAN engine test system series contains fully equipped engine test stands which are designed for various categories of internal combustion engines, ranging from light-to heavy-duty engines and also offering solutions for component tests such as testing the exhaust line. Further adjustment for off-road engines, powered two-wheeler engines, small internal combustion engines from carts, snowmobiles or motorboats as well as aircraft turbines are available. Additionally, it is also possible to test alternative engine concepts.

Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

The modular design of the engine testing dynamometer allows for a flexible adaptation to your specific engine testing needs and ensures that future upgrades can easily be added to meet new testing requirements. All systems supplied are pre-tested and pre-assembled on a mounting plate ensuring fast and reliable installation on site without need for special foundations. TITAN engine test stands are available for applications in fundamental research and development, including steady state or transient tests such as endurance, function and emission tests as well as dynamic simulations. In addition to that, special applications are possible, including lubrication and coolant testing, NVH and environmental simulations within anechoic or climatic chambers and a containerized solution to allow a flexible set-up within buildings as well as outdoors.

To ensure the optimal fit with your testing processes, TITAN is available in different product variants, targeting differing sets of test applications: TITAN S for steady state tests, TITAN T for transient tests and TITAN D for dynamic tests. To optimize your testing experience, all systems are equipped with a SPARC ENGINE test stand controller and a STARS ENGINE test automation system and can be tailored to your specific testing needs by integrating data acquisition systems, sensors packages as well as a large number of different special intelligent instrumentations such as fuel flow meters, raw and dilute gas and particulate emission measuring devices.

  • Flexibility and high quality for Research and Development (R&D)
  • High level of durability
  • Worldwide support
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • High precision
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands

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