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Chase the Case #18 - Lung Cancer

February 2023 
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Patient Demography

Male aged 49


Lung cancer. Lung cancer is a possible cause of lymphocytosis and monocytosis due to the release of cytokines from tumor cells, which can activate the body's inflammatory response. In addition, bone metastasis can also cause anemia due to the destruction of bone tissue.

Other Information:

Bx of pulmonary nodule. Anatomical pathology: Lung, pulmonary nodules - guided biopsy by tomography, clear cell tumor (PEComa) ("Sugar Tumor").

Microscopic Review:

1 metamyelocyte, 1 band cell, 76 neutrophils, 11 lymphocytes, 9 monocytes, 0 eosinophils, 0 basophils; Anisocytosis+, rare target red blood cells, hypochromia+, microcytosis+, vacuolized monocytes, platelet confirmed in slide.

How Yumizen Can Assist:

Yumizen helps to give confident results due to additional parameters such as IMG, IMM, IML, LIC, and ALY.

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